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Android Engineer (SD2)

Full Time
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What we require

Job Description:
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent
  • Be smart and get things done and you have experience with shipping products on Android
  • Have shipped an Android app whether in a professional role or as a significant side project.
  • Know what it means to build a polished, well performing application around a server API, how to debug a live app from crash logs and if needed track issues back from the client into the server code.
  • Be excited about not just the technology, but the problem we are trying to solve for our users.
“Six years after Pixar’s initial public offering and the box-office-busting success of Toy Story, Levy decided to leave his role as CFO (though he remained on Pixar’s board for the next seven years) to start what would later become the Juniper Foundation, a Silicon Valley nonprofit devoted to making the essence of Buddhist teachings and practices accessible to contemporary seekers.

One of the most poignant exchanges in Levy’s book: 'To Pixar and Beyond' comes when, after a long and fruitful partnership, the author describes the moment he told Jobs he was resigning to pursue his spiritual aspirations: “I’m glad one of us is doing it,” Steve Jobs responded.”

Desired Candidate:
  • Responsible for making product decisions too and not just robotically implement a spec.
  • Responsible for deep diving into performance, power management, and network connectivity optimisation.
  • Responsible for ensuring shipping reliable software through continuous integration, test automation, and in-depth code reviews.
  • You have a Github account with code used for centuries

  • The hiring process will consist of multiple rounds of interview and an assignment.
  • Salary will be highly competitive with market.

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