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Data Science Intern

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What skill sets are needed?
- You have background in computer science, statistics, probability, mathematics, or similar quantitative discipline
- You have the technical competence to perform more advanced analytics, including causal inference modelling
- Coding skills and analytics tools experience (such as Python, SQL and noSQL)
- Experience with collaborative filtering ( deep-CNN is bonus )
- Experienced in collaborating closely with research to design novel analytical approaches in response to loosely defined problems
- Past experience of applied ML Projects and recommendation systems like Youtube/Spotify

“Six years after Pixar’s initial public offering and the box-office-busting success of Toy Story, Levy decided to leave his role as CFO (though he remained on Pixar’s board for the next seven years) to start what would later become the Juniper Foundation, a Silicon Valley nonprofit devoted to making the essence of Buddhist teachings and practices accessible to contemporary seekers.

One of the most poignant exchanges in Levy’s book: 'To Pixar and Beyond' comes when, after a long and fruitful partnership, the author describes the moment he told Jobs he was resigning to pursue his spiritual aspirations: “I’m glad one of us is doing it,” Steve Jobs responded.”

What will you do?
- Create a recommendation model on meditation content (audio and text metadata)
- Recommendation model should suggest likely to be completed content
- Model should personalise for old user and recommend for new user
- Required data would be made available to you

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