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Overall Coordinator - IDY

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IDY : International Day of Yoga

An opportunity to lead an Initiative by urbanYogi which would impact the lives of 1K+ coaches and 1M+ individuals globally directly or indirectly. It would be a 30-day project and offer you the chance to learn while you do something impactful. International Day of Yoga is on 21st June.

Deadline to Apply : Midnight, 2nd June

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Take care of outreach for the event. The outreach would be extensive and would require you to reach out to global coaches/experts, celebrity coaches, celebrities, influencers and business and political leaders.
  2. Give structure to the whole event.
  3. Devise and implement the promotion strategy for the event.
  4. Work on strategic associations with private and government bodies to increase the reach and impact of the event.
  5. Take care of communications with all the stakeholders to ensure smooth communication and speedy implementation.

Stipend : 15-25k

PS : 2020 has been a whirlwind for everyone around the globe. With this initiative you would give the world one good reason to remember 2020 for.

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